The Idaho Environmental Education Association (IdEEA) partnered with the Pocatello Community Charter School (PCCS) and Pocatello Zoo to hold the 15th Annual Idaho Environmental Education Conference. The conference saw participants from around the state and as far away as Moscow.  The theme of the conference was “Connecting Communities and Classrooms” and the PCCS was the host.  Highlights included: a keynote panel discussion by PCCS teachers, community partners, parents, and students, a Dutch oven lunch prepared by a PCCS student leadership group, and local field investigations led by expert community members. Some educators visited a Sockeye Salmon fish hatchery while others went to the Museum of Clean. Other field trips included taking part in a citizen science project about beavers and participating in nature art with Catherine Reinhardt of Pocatello. IdEEA presented awards to educators making a difference in their local communities. Sandy Kindt, a kindergarten teacher at PCCS, was named Primary Educator of the Year and Liana Litzsinger of the Pocatello Zoo was named Volunteer Educator of the Year.  More information about IdEEA can be found at

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