enrichment67Have you ever walked around the Pocatello Zoo and seen cardboard, PVC tubes, or twine in an exhibit, and wondered how they got there? Well these are leftovers from special toys made to give animals at the Zoo behavioral enrichment. Keeping animals entertained and engaged by putting something new in their homes to sniff, taste, and tear apart helps to keep the animals thinking and moving.

Enrichment isn’t exciting just for the animals, Zoo campers love it too! Jr. Zookeeper campers this week are participating in a very exciting enrichment project: Piñatas. Zoo campers are working in teams to create piñatas in the shape of the animal’s favorite food, and at the end of the camp, will be filling them with treats for the animals to enjoy. How do they get the treats out? By tearing up the piñatas, of course!

The public is invited to watch the piñatas given to the animals on the last day of camp, Thursday July 23 at 10am (admission required). Just as the Zoo opens, the black bears, cougars, and raccoons will be given their piñatas to enjoy, while Zoo campers and attendees get to watch!

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