Online Zoo Events

Join Zoo Idaho every Wednesday in May at 1:00 p.m. for fun zoo classes on Zoom! Participate in real time and meet some of our native wildlife. Each week will have a different theme with different animals. Advanced registration required.

FREE and open to all ages!


Wednesday, May 6, 20201:00 p.m.Reptile Tales
Meet our reptiles and explore their cool adaptations.
Wednesday, May 13, 20201:00 p.m.Adaptation Adventures
Investigate the amazing adaptations that help animals survive.
Wednesday, May 20, 20201:00 p.m.Raptor Zone
Investigate these amazing apex predators and meet our raptors.
Wednesday, May 27, 20201:00 p.m.Turtles vs. Tortoises
Find out the difference between these two amazing reptiles.


For more information or to make a group reservation for Online Zoo Events, please contact us.

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