Zoo Zoom Events

Log on to Zoom every Thursday in February. Meet some of our native wildlife while investigating different topics. Register with Rachael at rshearouse@pocatello.us to receive log-in information.

FREE and open to all ages!


Thursday, February 4, 20211:00 p.m.Animals in Flight
Learn about the different ways animals use flight.
Thursday, February 11, 20211:00 p.m.Burrowing Animals
Investigate how burrowing helps animals survive.
Thursday, February 18, 20211:00 p.m.Predators vs Prey
Investigate this complex relationship.
Thursday, February 25, 20211:00 p.m.Herding Animals
Learn about the dynamics of a herd.


For more information or to make a group reservation for Zoo Zoom Events, please contact us.

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