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The Zoo Idaho Zoological Society’s mission is to promote community involvement and financial support to benefit the mission, long-range design, expansion and accreditation of Zoo Idaho.

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Your support is what makes our efforts all worthwhile. By supporting the Zoo Idaho Zoological Society you help to fund new exhibits, expand education programs, and provide an invaluable asset to Southeast Idaho.

Every gift, large and small, is of critical importance to the success of Zoo Idaho. Consider making a donation of whatever you can today!

NOTE:  Clicking the “Donate Now” button above will take you to a secure donation page set up by the Zoo Idaho Zoological Society for the purposes of raising money for capital improvements. Thank you in advance for your support.

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Visit our extended zoo family (Reciprocal Zoo Admissions) where Zoo Idaho Zoological Society members receive free or discounted admission to zoos and aquariums across the country.

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Zoo Idaho Zoological Society
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