Will you give $100 to save wildlife?

Zoo Idaho is our community’s front door to the Intermountain West. Your zoo is a place for exploration, education and conservation for Idaho’s wild. Zoo Idaho works directly with Idaho Fish and Game and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service by acquiring animals in need of rehabilitation and rescue. The majority of animals you see at the zoo are here because they are unable to thrive in the wild. To help in our mission of ‘Preserving Intermountain West wildlife and habitat through conservation and education’ Zoo Idaho is asking 500 people to donate $100 towards our annual improvement fund. Each donation will go towards enhancing the value and experience of your zoo.

Your donation will help us grow our education programs, improve facilities and exhibits, increase guest amenities and assist conservation projects throughout Idaho.

For questions regarding 100 from 500 contact Hannah Lowman, Zoo Idaho Society Administrative Assistant at 208-234-6264 or via email.

Help the bear get his fur back!


Zoo Idaho Society
Attn: Hannah Lowman
3101 Avenue of the Chiefs
Pocatello, ID 83204

Phone: 208-234-6264
Fax: 208-234-6265