Periodically your Zoo Idaho will embark on capital improvement campaigns. These campaigns separate themselves from other fundraising opportunities by the scope of project. Typically Builders Club projects will require more than $50,000 to complete.

The new entrance to your Zoo Idaho is gaining steam! Site work including grading, pathways, and landscaping will be completed in the spring of 2016. The zoo and zoological society still need your help to finish the gift shop, however. Our goal is to have a two-story cabin gift shop complete with an upper loft for education programs and rental space completed prior to our spring 2017 open season. When completed, the entrance will look like a picturesque country log cabin found throughout Idaho. Please help your zoo complete this exciting phase by considering donating to the Builders Club.

Builders Club Levels

  • Name+of+Family+or+Corporation+engraved+in+lava+stone+in+the+lower+section+of+the+native+landscape
  • Name+of+Family+or+Corporation+engraved+in+lava+stone+next+to+benched+areas+of+the+native+landscape
  • Name+of+Family+or+Corporation+with+logo+engraved+in+lava+stone+along+the+pathway
  • Name+of+Family+or+Corporation+with+logo+engraved+in+lava+stone+at+the+center+of+the+plaza+of+the+gift+shop+building

For questions regarding the Builders Club contact Yolanda Salas, Zoo Idaho Society Administrative Assistant at 208-234-6264 or via email.


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