Alternative Energy Curriculum

Teaching about climate science in the classroom is becoming increasingly important. The following resources will allow your students to investigate the benefits of renewable resources and understand some of the effects of climate change on our environment. These lessons are adapted to be beneficial in the classroom, outdoors, and some independently. Curriculum is based on 5th grade science standards.


Energy Basics (PDF)
Energy Units Basics (PDF)
Electricity (PDF)
Forms of Energy (PDF)
Laws of Energy (PDF)
Renewable – Biomass Energy (PDF)
Renewable – Geothermal Energy (PDF)
Renewable – Hydropower Energy (PDF)
Renewable – Solar Energy (PDF)
Renewable – Wind Energy (PDF)
Sources of Energy (PDF)
U.S. Energy Facts Explained (PDF)


Active Energy Game (PDF)
Energy Journal (Word)
How Big is your Ecological Footprint? (PDF)
Solar Collectors (PDF)
Solar Powered System (PDF)
Steal the Bacon Activity – Instructions (Word)
Steal the Bacon Activity – Cards (Powerpoint)
True/False Game (Word)